Let Me Love You

Different people like different music and they like it for different reasons. However, there are certain commonalities among all people as well.

  1. Music is a distraction; it puts people into another world. This is because it enables people to have different sensory perceptions. Take people in a crowded room where there is music and people in a crowded room where there is no music. They interact differently.
  2. Music elevates self-esteem. People feel better about themselves if they are in an environment where they can feel happy to be themselves. Music can help in the creation of that environment since it can enable people to enjoy themselves.
  3. Music is social. It enables people to meet others, to start a conversation about the music, to switch off from conversation to listen to the music, and therefore influences their interactions in different ways that they see as positive.
  4. Music enables people to empathize with each other more. People can flow emotionally with the sound of the music and thereby enable themselves to experience a range of emotions. Acquiring this skill makes it easier for them to communicate with, and understand, other people.
  5. Music elevates mental health. When people feel down and disappointed and put on their favorite piece of music it is likely to make it easier for them to feel better.
  6. Music makes it easier for people to carry out certain movements. Doing a work-out at a gym with the music playing is more likely to increase people’s endurance than had there to be no music at all.  Certain fitness classes ‘depend’ on music to invite people to make certain moves.
  7. Music slows brain aging. Although listening to music may seem passive, it involves a degree of thought if people anticipate when the chorus is coming or what the verses will be saying. It also involves thought when people try to give a meaning to the song. Rather like when doing jigsaw puzzles, music keeps the brain active.
  8. Music magnifies memory. This can be clearly seen since for most people it is usually easier to memorize a song than it is to memorize prose.
  9. Music is therapeutic. Music has been successfully applied by music therapists to facilitate the bringing about of healing and wellness with people who have suffered neurological traumas such as stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions.